• Cute pandas playing on the slide

    Cute pandas playing on the slide

    Panda bears live in the south, central and south-west of the panda. It is characteristic that it has a thick fur, which protects it from the harsh winter cold, its body is round, and there are also black halos with its eyes distinguished, and the male is larger than females, there is a difference of fifteen kilograms between them, For length, the maximum length is possible up to six feet, and the panda bamboo as a main meal during the day, it deals with nearly 99% of his meals of bamboo, in addition to it deals with fish, potatoes, oranges, and many other foods , The number of panda bears in the world A or Say a little, as it endangered animals, and is considered one of the most famous animals in the world, because it has a black and white so easily recognizable by just looking at him, and you will learn about in this article on the panda or what is known as the Chinese Bear.

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