• China rejects Trump's "irresponsible" charges over North Korea

    China rejects Trump's "irresponsible" charges over North Korea

    "We are exceptionally worried about these announcements and we have just exhibited them to the American side," the representative said in an announcement posted on the service's site. 

    On Friday, US President Donald Trump charged Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to delay his arranged visit to North Korea one week from now. Likewise, as indicated by Trump, on account of the savage exchange war with China, Beijing "does not give help with the atomic demobilization process, as it did before," Trump stated, including that China "is doing little damage" to the procedure of atomic demilitarization. 

    Trump had held his first gathering with North Korean President Kim Yong-un on June 12. After the summit, Trump declared that he had marked a "definite" archive with North Korea and that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula would start "rapidly" .

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