• Methods of slimming abdomen and waist

    Methods of slimming abdomen and waist

    Fat belly and waist

    When the calories consumed are more than the calories burned by the body, the body can only store them as fat in the fatty tissue, and the location of the distribution of these accumulated fat varies according to many factors, where fat accumulation is greater in the abdominal area in men, Somewhat in women after menopause, this type of obesity is called male obesity or apple, but it does not P in the presence of women, while fat buttocks are more prevalent among women, so this type of obesity called obese female or a pear. The most important difference between the accumulation of fat in these areas is the impact on health, as the fat accumulated in the buttocks are not harmful to health, and abdominal fat is directly linked to the increased risk of many chronic diseases.

    Methods of slimming abdomen and waist
    Proper diet

    When talking about the proper diet necessary to slim the abdominal and waist fat, the basis we are talking about is to follow a low calorie diet than those burned by the body to stimulate weight loss and burning body fat, which include abdominal fat, in addition there are many tips Which we can provide for a healthy diet, these tips include:
    Eat whole grains, such as whole wheat, whole oats, brown rice, and avoid the refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and white rice.
    Stay away from fast food and sugars, avoid foods high in fat content, and focus on eating vegetables and fruits.
    Drink sufficient amounts of water between meals and while eating, as this helps to reduce the amount of food and calorie intake, which helps in the long term in weight loss.
    Increase the number of meals eaten daily and make them smaller, as the high volume of meals and lack of number is one of the reasons for increasing obesity, which include middle obesity.
    Eat slowly, and for that you can use good chewing, use small dishes and spoons, talk a bit with those who are eating, and other ways. ,
    Be sure to add spices and spices that contribute to controlling the level of sugar and insulin in the blood by adding one type to at least every meal, which includes cinnamon, turmeric, hot red pepper and cloves.
    Drink a cup or two a day of green tea.
    The abdominal and waist fat should be combated by daily aerobics exercise, which has a direct and effective effect on abdominal fat reduction. To achieve this effect, any aerobic exercise must be practiced so that the total number of sports hours is not less than 10 hours a week, Until a significant loss of abdominal fat is achieved, aerobic exercises include any exercise that raises the pulse rate To breathe, such as brisk walking, jogging and jumping rope fixed bike and lots of aerobics, dance and others.
    Adequate sleep
    Take care to sleep for about seven and a half hours every night, as it is found that not getting enough sleep every day causes metabolic imbalances that contribute to the accumulation of fat, especially belly fat, so be careful to sleep well to fight the fat of this area.
    General tips for getting rid of belly fat and waist
    One of the most important reasons for success in weight loss and fat elimination in general is to develop a logical and realistic goal rather than a difficult target. For example, if a person has 20 kg of extra weight, it is best to make his initial goal lose 5 kg of weight, These five kilograms to half a kilo or one kilo weekly, for example.
    Make one or two changes in each step instead of suddenly engaging in a plan that is completely away from the normal human life system, as this can cause boredom and abandon its plan after a temporary period, while progressive changes will introduce these changes into a lifestyle Human rights in an acceptable and tolerable manner
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