• The first computer in the world

    The first computer in the world

    The first computer in the world

    The computer occupied the whole world when it was invented and began to spread and enter into most areas of life because of the opportunities of work or even areas of development and progress were not notified to the human by the invention of the computer, and became the computer is the cornerstone in all fields of industrial, commercial and medical The computer is defined as a machine programmed to receive information through various input devices to process, store, and display results or outputs through output devices. The computer is used to express the person who performs the calculations. This concept remained until the end of the ninth century. When the European industrial revolution began, which caused the manufacture of many machines, the main purpose of which was to perform complex calculations and simple.
    The computer is made up of two main parts: the physical and the programmable. Each part relies on the other to function fully and naturally. The physical part of all the pieces that can be touched on a computer, such as: mouse, motherboard, hard drive, keyboard, audio speakers, screen, CD player, random access memory, read memory, cached memory, CPU, Scanner, printer, and other component parts of the computer; while the software part is the operating system in addition to the various programs and applications used on the computer, and the software part is an unreachable part.

    The first computer in the world

    There is no satisfactory answer to the question of when the first computer was manufactured in the world. There are many different computer classifications. The first mechanical computer, for example, was manufactured in 1822 by Charles Babbage, but it is not like the computer we are dealing with nowadays; His goal was to make a number of mathematical and mathematical calculations. In 1837, Charles also built a general mechanical computer based on analytical logic, but he did not complete it due to lack of financial resources. In 1910, his son completed the construction of this computer until he was able to complete Operational And basic logic.
    The first programmable computer was created between 1936 and 1938 by the German company Kwanrad Zus. It was named Z1, the first electromechanical computer ever made in the world. But in 1936 the famous British scientist Alan Turing set the foundation for the principle of computers when he invented the Turing machine Which simulates a natural person after a series of logical instructions; that is, he programmed a machine to emulate man under certain conditions known as code commands, which are the main basis for all computers in the present era. In 1946, Tommy Flores created a colosus ssus), the first electric computer programmer to decode encrypted German messages during World War II.
    Based on the above, it is difficult to judge the first computer that was manufactured because of the different types that emerged sequentially and sequentially. In other words, some types of computers relied on other species to see the light, so it can not be imagined that laptops emerged without relying on But the Turing machine, the Z1, and Charles Pappag's computer were among the main points that caused the computer to appear and start its timeline.

    Types of computer

    Various types of computers because of the multiplicity of areas and uses, which became a major part of the computer, so appeared many computers that meet the various needs and functions and tasks to be implemented, and types of computer:
    Personal Computer: A computer that is used by only one person.
    Desktop: A computer used in businesses and offices.


     One of the most widely used and common types of computers; it is small in size, portable anywhere, and comes with a rechargeable battery.

    The mainframe

     a huge device with a very large specification that supports many users at the same time.
    The server is the main device in various types of networks. The server is a central device in different companies and factories; the rest of the devices rely on it to access files and the Internet.

    Personal Digital Assistants

     A small computer; the main purpose of its use is to save titles and notes, and is characterized by long battery life.
    Workstation computer: A computer with a very high specification; it is characterized by its great speed and perfect performance, and is mainly used to play video games.


    The largest and most expensive computer, the supercomputer is the size of a room or larger, and features very high speed and excellent performance, and these specifications are what enabled him to become the main choice for simulation of nuclear experiments or scientific experiments Requires great accuracy and high speed to implement
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