• When the United States was founded

    When the United States was founded

    The founding of the United States The United States of America was founded in 1776, through the rebellion that was established by England, and this revolution was the first successful revolution in the world because it is inspired and justified by the philosophical doctrine, and evokes the Declaration of Independence of the United States that men were created equal and that their rights are not possible And the government created to secure these rights and any government that does not believe them is illegal, and the founders of the United States wrote a constitution to secure these rights, on the basis of separation between the public and private spheres and on the basis of limited government. 1700-1799 The American Revolution or American War of Independence, which lasted from 1775 to 1783, allowed the 13 original colonies to be independent from Great Britain . 

    George Washington became the first president of the United States in 1789 and served two terms. The industrial revolution moved from Britain to the United States, helping to change the economy and how to manufacture products. 1800-1899 President Thomas Jefferson agreed to buy Louisiana in 1803, increasing the United States area to 2.14 square kilometers of land. President Jefferson (Marthoire Lewis and William Clarke) set out for the west to explore the newly purchased land, and spent about a year and a half until they reached the west coast. The civil war divided the United States into two parts, the northern states and the southern states. The results of the four-year war of 1861-1865 helped keep the United States as one country and abolished slavery. 1900-1999 The Wright brothers were able to control a machine that could fly, operate, and be heavier than air. In 1917, the victorious states entered World War I by declaring war on Germany. US women were officially granted the right to vote in 1920. The economic crisis occurred in the United States after the collapse of the stock exchange in 1929, which caused the Great Depression of the country. The United States entered World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945, ending World War II. The African-American Civil Rights Movement, particularly in the southern states, was signed to end racial discrimination, resulting in the establishment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Americans managed to get Armstrong and Edwin Baz to become the first US astronauts to walk on the moon. 2000 to the present The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, changed the United States forever. The United States fought a war in Afghanistan in 2001 and is still going on. The US war on Iraq in 2003, which lasted more than eight years. In 2008 Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the United States. The Power of the United States The United States has the power it has shown to the entire world since ancient times. Its power has been demonstrated by: the power of the end of the civil war to integrate and build the southern states, and greater stability and development of West America, Which emerged when the first trans-ocean telegraph was discovered in 1861 and the establishment of an intercontinental railway. America's ability to buy Alaska from Russia, which increased the land expansion of the country, contributed to the coup led by the Americans to overthrow the monarchy of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the United States then joined the archipelago in 1898, and the American victory contributed to Spain to show America's power to the world. The emergence of many industrialists at the end of the 19th century led to the emergence of the Golden Age, a period of growing wealth for businessmen, and increased the importance of the system of factories and trade unions. The influx of immigrants and the urbanization of South and Eastern Europe have accelerated the manufacturing process in the United States.

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